September - December 2018
September 2018
6th Sheila Wood
13th David Brown
20th Gillian & Mike Stanfield    
27th Jeannie Harwood  
October 2018  
4th Keith Brown  
11th Jeanette Peters
18th Deila and Garth Haythornthwaite    
25th Ian Cummins ♫  

Nov 2018

1st Sheila Wood  
8th Jeannette Peters
15th   Closed due to hall required for KCC bye-election  
22nd John Bradford    
29th Jacqui Selby    
Dec 2018
6th Delia and Garth Haythornthwaite
13th Gillian & Mike Stanfield
20th Jeanette Peters Christmas Party
27th closed
January - April 2019
  January 2019
3rd Jan Weight
10th Arthur & Gwen Risby
17th Delia & Garth Haythornthwaite
24th Jeanette Peters
31st Jeannie Harwood
  February 2019
7th Sheila Wood  
14th John Bradford
21st Ian Cummins & Jan    
28th Club Callers  
March 2019  


7th Jeanette Peters  

Jacqui Selby

21th Sheila Wood
28th Jeannie Harwood
April 2019
4th Jeanette Peters  
11th David Brown
18th Closed (Maundy Thursday)
25th Gillian & Mike Stanfield
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